Testing & Evaluations
Mental Health Resources provides prompt, professional assessments of personality, intelligence, academic performance, and offers complete psychological evaluations for school and court ordered testing.To schedule evaluations, call the administrative office.††† You will need to provide the reason for the evaluation and insurance information as well as the name and age of the person to be assessed and contact information.Most insurance companies require pre-authorization for psychological testing. You may need to schedule an intake appointment prior to the test administration appointment.††† Most test administration is done by technicians under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist.Most insurance programs are accepted. ( To be covered by insurance, testing must be deemed medically necessary by the insurance company.)

Court-Ordered Testing
All of our court-ordered evaluations are billed on a cash basis.The amount of$850.00 should be paid before or on the day of testing. Payment method should be cash, check or other payment arrangements should be made before the testing date.†††

Bariatric and Lap-Band Testing
Some insurance companies cover this procedure and some donít.We will review your insurance information and let you know about your coverage prior to testing.These evaluations usually are priced at $ 300.00.

Educational Testing††† Educational testing can be performed for students of all ages.Insurance companies do not consider educational testing to meet the criteria for medical necessity and do not cover this service. If other parts of the evaluation such as diagnosing attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder can be considered medically necessary you will be billed separately for the educational portion of the testing.Please note that some insurance companies consider all intelligence testing to be educational testing.

Most evaluation appointments will involve two to four hours depending on the tests administered, and individual differences.

Please ask the Administrative Staff if there are any other instructions unique to your testing per the Psychologist.